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Our Services

The Secret Landscape Company deliver a high quality landscape construction service for a vast array of project types. As the winner of Multiple awards, we are consistently recognised for our unique and innovative approach.

We offer a range of comprehensive landscape construction services so ​no matter the size, scale or complexity of the project, we have the ability to deliver top quality results using years of experience, and specialist equipment. 

We are recognised by the top Landscaping Associations across the country and intend to continue providing the best possible service to our clients.


The Secret Landscape Company believe that designing and installing the perfect garden is a collaborative process with the client. We are committed to providing landscape design creating beautiful gardens that you and your families will enjoy for many years to come.


We will visit your property offering a free initial consultation listening to you and your families needs in order to create a breath-taking space of your own design. We strive to ensure that you are as much a part of the process allowing us to bring your ideas to life. 

Our work is without compromise and always complete to the highest standard. We work alongside award winning designers to make sure that you are receiving the best possible service.


The Secret Landscape Company Garden Maintenance department, deliver a range of services from our professionally trained team to ensure that your plants and garden will thrive to their potential year round. Book our professionals on a regular basis making sure your garden is presentable at all times. You can also book specific tasks that suit your individual requirements via out Get in touch page.

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